Die App zur individuellen Krisenvorsorge von ONEGUARD auf einem iPhone

How to prepare for the (next) crisis?

The fear of lockdowns due to the current corona pandemic has caused panic shopping in many countries. Goods like toilet paper, pasta or flour were not available for days or even weeks in some places.

With an emergency stock of food, drinking water and some equipment you won’t need to buy when everybody else does. In case of a natural disaster or immediate total lockdown you are well prepared to stay home and healthy!

The ONEGUARD app helps you to plan, shop and manage an emergency stock according to your personal needs. In this way, you best protect yourself and your family.

Why do I need an app to prepare for crises?

You can find lists and calculators for setting up an emergency stock, but these lists may or may not suit your tastes or nutritional needs. There are other common errors when preparing for a crisis, like forgetting essential hygiene products when stocking food items.

The ONEGUARD app allows you to organise all your emergency provisions to best suit your life. Simply enter the age, gender, allergies and nutritional preferences of your group’s members, and the app will automatically create a list of suitable foods, sufficient water and the right emergency equipment.

You can swap items in the list to better suit your lifestyle. Thus, you can create your individual shopping list with food you and your beloved ones will also like to eat!

Create your profile with your personla nutritional preferences to plan your emergency stock
Plan your emergency supply according to your needs

How does the app help to manage my emergency stock?

To ensure that your food products and drinking water are fresh in times of crisis, the ONEGUARD app also helps you manage your emergency provisions. You will receive timely reminders for soon expiring products and when you should replace your supplies.

In this way you can avoid any wastage of food and have the certainty that your emergency stock is up to date at the same time.

Does the app help for other crises too?

The current corona pandemic isn’t the only case in which you can profit from the ONEGUARD app. An emergency stock is one of the best preparations for blackouts, cyber-attacks, or even natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. Such a crisis can happen anytime, anywhere and affect anyone.

If shops are empty, closed, or even destroyed, an emergency supply will help you and your family to survive. On top of that, you will be able to help your community by sharing and caring.

Manage your emergency stock in the ONEGUARD app

Can I download the app and prepare right away?

Right now, we are developing the ONEGUARD crisis preparedness app with an international team to bring you the best solutions.

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Get prepared!

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